Individual dosage of antibiotics required

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Doctors require individual parameters for the dosage of antibiotics: Doctors from the Athens Alfa Institute will in future require a more individual calculation for the dosage of antibiotics.

Dr. Matthew E. Falagas, the director of the Alfa Institute for Biomedical Sciences (AIBS) in Athens, and his colleague Drosos E Karageorgopoulos, in the medical journal "The Lancet" (Volume 375, Issue 9710), which has been published since 1823, demanded that it be given the increasing antibiotic resistance should give a dose that is individually tailored to the body weight.

Because in order to achieve the same drug effect, obese and tall people naturally need a higher dose than lean and small people. There is also another factor that has not been taken into account so far: namely that certain substances are stored in adipose tissue in obese people, which cannot then be used in the treatment.

In paediatrics, it goes without saying that medication is given according to body mass and weight. Computer-aided programs are also already available, which would make it easier for the prescribing physicians to use individualized dosing in everyday practice. But still too much according to the "scheme F" and insufficient attention to the individual patient, say Falagas and Karageorgopoulos.

With an administration of antibiotics and other antimicrobial substances calculated according to the patient's body mass, one can be sure that all pathogens are killed and that there is less risk of developing antibiotic resistance. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy January 16, 2010)

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