Pharmacist lobby & FDP: together against competition?

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Pharmacist lobby and FDP: together against competition?

(09/14/2010) The advice given by pharmacies on the sale of medicines is still often insufficient. The ARD magazine "Plusminus" came to the result after a test in which at the beginning of the cold wave in several pharmacies medicines were purchased, each containing the pain reliever paracetamol. According to preliminary reports for today's broadcast, the business magazine particularly criticizes the fact that pharmacies have so far always used their advisory services as an argument for their own monopoly position.

According to the pharmacies, the intensive advice is a key differentiator from mail order pharmacies and is often used to justify a monopoly-like position in the sale of medicines. This is where the criticism of "Plusminus" comes in, because according to the results of their own investigation, the advice was consistently inadequate and sometimes even medications with dangerous amounts of paracetamol were given without warning of possible risks. In any case, the test buyers have not received any basic advice on the various substances.

As part of the program, the support of the pharmacist lobby by the FDP is also sharply criticized. Here, in the opinion of "Plusminus", the liberals have given up the principles of their policies, since they are campaigning for the monopoly-like position of pharmacies and acting against the competition of mail-order pharmacies in the spirit of the pharmacist lobby. "Plusminus" can allegedly prove that the Pharmacists Association (ABDA) has co-written on the current coalition agreement and refers to formulations such as: "We will limit the excesses in the mail order business." , which has already been used in an ABDA 2008 press release. In addition, the pharmacist lobby had already demanded the pick-up ban contained in the coalition agreement in 2008. According to the President of the Federal Cartel Office, Andreas Mundt, the suppression of the competition, which was also pushed by the FDP, keeps the pharmaceutical prices in Germany artificially high compared to "Plusminus", although abroad actually shows that there is another way. (fp)

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