Essential oils can be dangerous for children

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Essential oils can be dangerous to health, especially for small children.

The Federal Chamber of Pharmacists in Berlin warns parents against using undiluted essential oils in toddlers. Numerous cold baths and over-the-counter cold medications contain essential oils, which can cause severe poisoning in young children. Parents should therefore carefully inform themselves before use.

Essential oils have a special status in naturopathy. They contain herbal active ingredients such as eucalyptus and menthol and are mainly used to dissolve phlegm in the throat area. Even in gastric cramps, abdominal pain and bloated stomach, beneficial teas with the active ingredient complexes fennel, caraway and anise can be used, especially in pediatrics. In the case of inflammation in the mouth and throat, teas with sage and chamomile are also used. The effect of these essential oils is widely recognized.

But before using it, you should get detailed information. This is especially true for over-the-counter applications such as cold baths or fragrance oils. Erika Fink, President of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists, warned: "Poisoning occurs again and again in children. Parents should therefore inform the pharmacist before self-medication". Children under three years of age are particularly at risk of poisoning. For example, they reacted to camphor, eucalyptus, thyme and peppermint oil. Symptoms such as need for the poor, cramps and even changes in consciousness were often observed here. If parents observe such signs of poisoning, parents should immediately alert an emergency doctor or contact the poison control center.

Preparations for toddlers that are offered undiluted in high doses are dangerous. This is the case for medicinal products and cosmetic products. A small amount that accidentally gets into the child's mouth or nose can cause life-threatening cramping of the larynx. In addition, symptoms such as severe skin reactions such as reddening and burning of the skin, irritation of the mucous membranes and nausea and vomiting can occur. Caution should be exercised with different fragrance oils that are intended for the use of fragrance lamps. Parents often mixed up such products and put them in the child's mouth. As a first aid in the event of accidental ingestion, the child should be given plenty of water, tea or juice. So before using herbal products for toddlers, parents should consult a pharmacist, doctor, or alternative practitioner. In addition, only preparations that were specifically designed for children should be used.

Children and adults should also be careful with skin care products, as these can trigger asthma attacks in sensitive people. Those affected are allergic to certain natural substances such as menthol. If there is an incompatibility with individual plant and plant active substances, a compatibility should first be tested. A natural healing expert can also be interviewed here. (sb, 09/25/2010)

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