Malformations caused by drug Duogynon?

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Duogynon pregnancy test on charges

New pharmaceutical scandal? The drug Duogynon is suspected to have favored serious malformations. A victim is suing the district court in Berlin today for all documents from the pharmaceutical company Bayer-Schering to be released.

The hormone preparation "Duogynon" from the pharmaceutical company Schering at the time is suspected of causing serious malformations in children. Today the Bayer-Schering group has to face up to the courts again. Bayer took over Schering four years ago and is taking over the legal succession.

About 30 years ago, the allegation was raised that medication "Duogynon" had led to serious malformations in children. But the process was stopped at that time. A trial is now being opened in Berlin. A teacher from Bavaria is filing a complaint to make possible compensation payments and claims for other injured parties. The plaintiff demands that Bayer-Schering inspect all documents relating to the suspect product. Bayer took over the Schering group four years ago and is now the legal successor in court.

Duogynon as a pregnancy test
The medicine was prescribed to women in the 1970s so they could test a possible pregnancy. According to media reports, about 1,000 women would have given birth to children with severe disabilities. The women had taken the drug in early pregnancy. Numerous children had disabilities such as a water head, open back, open stomach or even severe deformities of the internal organs. In September 1980, the then pharmaceutical company Schering announced that the treatment of "secondary amenorrhea" by "Duogynon" was medically "outdated". In October of the same year, the then Schering group stopped producing Duogynon and took the drug off the drug market.

In the procedure being negotiated today, the victim's mother was given the remedy in 1975 as a pregnancy test. During this time, the hormone preparation was already banned for use in the UK. In Germany, however, "Duogynon" was used until the end of the 1970s. The Bavarian teacher André S. was born in 1976 with severe deformities on the bladder and the genital organs. As a result, the person affected had to undergo numerous medical interventions. As a result, the plaintiff has had an artificial urinary tract since the operations.

Bayer-Schering sees no causal connection However, the Bayer-Schering Group denies all allegations. A group spokesman said: “The topic was discussed in detail in the 1960s and 1970s, both legally and scientifically, and finally. Since then there have been no new findings. " There would be no recognizable connection between the pregnancy test at that time and the deformities of the children. As soon as the lawsuit was filed, the pharmaceutical manufacturer announced: "A causality between the malformations and the product could not be determined. Nothing has changed in this state of knowledge to this day."

Berlin lawyer Heynemann represents around 200 Duogynon victims from all over Germany. He refers to data from the Federal Health Office that was compiled at the time. Based on the data, it can be seen that there is "statistical significance" between the use of the drug and the malformations in children, the lawyer said. In addition, it can be seen that the risk of disability from Duogynon was just as great as with the drug "Contergan".

The preparation was then prescribed either as a dragee or injection, both as a pregnancy test and for the treatment of no menstrual bleeding. Menstrual periods start just one week after administration. The hormonal preparation is composed of "progesterone" and "estradiol". Even then, it was known that bleeding could start even though there was a pregnancy. The plaintiff will appear on the RTL show "Stern TV" tonight and will report on the procedure and the sufferings of those affected.

The proceedings are carried out under the file number AZ: 1 Wi Js 329/78. The information claim is to be the basis for a later claim for damages against Bayer-Schering. The group could face millions of claims for damages if a connection can be proven beyond any doubt. (sb)

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