Easter eggs harmless for cholesterol levels

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Cholesterol is normally harmless when consuming Easter eggs

Egg consumption in Germany increases dramatically every year at Easter. The hard-boiled, brightly painted Easter eggs are consumed in large quantities. The body can absorb up to 500 milligrams of cholesterol daily via the intestine, emphasized Professor Dr. Achim Weizel, Chairman of the Lipid League in Wiesbaden.

According to the expert, the markedly increased egg consumption during Easter does not normally pose a health risk. Although there are repeated warnings about the high cholesterol content of the eggs, even a significantly increased egg consumption is not a problem for people with normal blood lipid levels said the leader of the Lipid League. Because the amount of cholesterol that a person can absorb through the intestine is limited.

The maximum amount of cholesterol that can be consumed is limited. Even if the Germans consume tons of Easter eggs, the amount of cholesterol consumed per day remains limited to an average of 500 milligrams. The human body could not absorb more in a day and the rest would be excreted, explained Dr. Achim Weizel. So there is no danger that the organism will be overloaded with cholesterol through food intake, the expert emphasized. However, people who already have high levels of fat in the blood should also refrain from eating eggs at Easter.

Negative health consequences of an elevated cholesterol level Because an elevated cholesterol level can cause considerable health problems in the long run. For example, blood lipids can build up on the walls of the arteries, causing arteriosclerosis, which in turn is the main cause of coronary artery disease (coronary artery disease). The heart diseases caused by cholesterol also increase the risk of heart attack, which is why patients with chronically high blood fat levels should be recommended to eat vegetable fats instead of animal fats, explained Dr. Weizel. (fp)

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