With nasal spray for overweight?

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With nasal spray for overweight? Hormone-containing nasal sprays in action against obesity

The use of nasal spray to combat obesity and obesity is currently being researched, doctors report at the 117th Congress of the German Society for Internal Medicine.

The hormone-containing nasal sprays could potentially simplify the treatment of obesity in the future, so the experts hope at the congress of the German Society for Internal Medicine. So far, however, only a significant reduction in weight has been found in male study participants, and women increased when using nasal sprays.

Gender Differences in Food Utilization? Although the treatment of obesity with a simple nasal spray remains a wishful dream rather than a tangible reality, overall, science in the fight against obesity puts great hope in hormone research, the Lübeck medical doctor Sebastian Schmid emphasized at the medical congress in Wiesbaden. In view of the current studies, the gender-specific differences in food utilization could also play an important role in the future. Because in the studies with hormone-containing nasal sprays, there would have been significant differences between the male and female study participants. For example, after several weeks of treatment with nasal sprays containing insulin, the men decreased significantly, while female participants increased rather, said Schmid. This suggests that the brain areas that regulate food intake and energy consumption react differently to insulin depending on gender, the expert explained. However, the researchers have so far not been able to explain why men and women show such different reactions to the hormone-containing nasal spray. According to Schmid, however, numerous new research approaches on possible interactions between hormones, brain and eating behavior are available based on the available results.

Caution should be exercised when it comes to hormone treatments In view of the current nasal spray studies, the medical doctor from Lübeck believes that hormones could make a significant contribution in the fight against the widespread disease of overweight in the future. However, comprehensive research results cannot be expected in the near future, explained Schmid. The doctor also dispelled hope that a simple nasal spray might be enough to correct obesity or obesity. The multitude of factors that determine body weight cannot be influenced in such a simple way, the expert explained. Overall, however, Schmid predicted the hormone therapies good prospects for future success.

Critics criticize excessive interference in the hormonal balance
However, there are also considerable reservations in professional circles about hormone treatments. Critics warn of possible side effects and condemn the excessive interference in the body's hormonal balance. In the past, studies by the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), for example, confirmed the critical position of various experts regarding hormone replacement therapies in menopausal women. The DKFZ was able to clearly prove that 19.4 percent of the more than 3,000 breast cancer cases examined after the menopause were due to the administration of hormone preparations. According to critical medical experts, special care should be taken when using hormones and if there are other options for combating obesity, these should be used. (fp)

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