False start for the new consumer protection portal

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Technical problems hinder the launch of the consumer protection portal

The excitement before the launch of the new online portal "lebensmittelklarheit.de" on Wednesday was great among both supporters and critics. Accordingly, there was a rush after the site went online. But the server capacities apparently did not take this into account. Again and again the site has been temporarily unavailable since yesterday, so that especially the critics quickly propagated a false start for consumer protection. But in the long term, the portal definitely offers a good option to find out about trickery and trickery in the food industry with the help of consumers.

Given the media interest that the new online portal received in advance, hardly anyone should be surprised that the server capacities were not up to the rush on the first day. The site was on everyone's lips before the portal "lebensmittelklarheit.de" initiated by the consumer advice centers even went online. With the financial support of the Ministry of Consumer Protection, a platform was to be created on which consumers can submit complaints about fake packs or the like, while at the same time being able to obtain transparent information about certain articles.

Food industry fears internet pillory Consumer protection minister Ilse Aigner used the project even before it actually started to alleviate criticism of maladministration in the food sector and to present itself as an energetic representative of consumers. The food industry, on the other hand, expressed massive criticism of the planned portal after the plans became known and is still extremely hostile to a large extent even today. However, the question arises as to what the companies actually have to fear, because rapid shots that publicly denounce companies without being offered the opportunity to comment are excluded from "lebensmittelklarheit.de". The complaints from consumers are received on the portal and are then assessed by consumer advocates. If necessary, these contact the relevant manufacturers and give companies the opportunity to make a detailed statement. Only then will the results be published.

The causes of the failures have not yet been fully clarified. For the time being, however, the food producers do not have to worry that they may be mentioned on the online portal, since technical problems have dominated since the start on Wednesday and smooth operation has so far been hardly possible. "The rush was just too big," said a spokeswoman for the Federal Association of Consumer Centers trying to explain to "sueddeutsche.de". The server capacities were simply not designed for such a rush, "we are very sorry," said the spokeswoman for the consumer centers . Currently, all available personnel are busy with the problem, whereby first of all sufficient server capacities have to be provided, the spokeswoman for the consumer advice center continues. The public's interest was apparently greater than the politicians and consumer advocates had originally assumed. However, consumer protection groups have so far not been able to provide more precise information about the causes of the page failures. Possible speculations about a targeted hacker attack by the food industry can only be investigated later, since all capacities are currently involved in resolving the current problems. Such an attack is, however, extremely unlikely in the opinion of consumer advocates. When the online portal with all functions will be reliably available again, according to the spokeswoman, it is not yet possible to predict, but there is hope that the problems can be brought under control during the day. (fp)

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