Smartphone app cannot cure acne

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Smartphone applications cannot cure acne

The technical achievements of a smartphone are diverse, but acne cannot be cured by such an all-round cell phone. The US telecommunications agency FTC has prohibited two providers of applications by filing a criminal complaint, which have not been scientifically proven.

Smartphones offer users a variety of small programs with which numerous functions can be carried out on the mobile phone. Users can shoot and watch videos, play various games or listen to music on their cell phones. But can such additional applications also cure diseases like acne?

The US telecommunications regulator FTC has accused two providers of making false promises to users. The FTC supervisory authority submitted a criminal complaint as background. Manufacturers had claimed to use two applications, also known as “apps”, to free the user of the programs from annoying pimples. In order to achieve this, one should download the programs "Acne Pwner" or "AcneApp". With the cell phone you should then irradiate the acne on the face or body parts with a special light and different colors. After that, the unclean spots would disappear, the promise. However, the manufacturers of the applications were unable to provide scientifically substantiated proof of the effectiveness of the alleged acne light therapy. With an app, however, a dermatologist is said to have helped in the development of the program.

After the download, the mobile phone user should start the app and hold the display just a few centimeters in front of the affected skin. According to the instructions, only a few minutes of daily use would be sufficient to achieve effective therapy success. Thousands of users have already fallen for this baseless promise. According to the authority, the program "Acne Pwner" Google's Android Market was downloaded over 3,300 times for 99 euro cents. The "AcneApp" had an even greater financial success and was bought for around 1.9900 times at the Apple Itunes Appstore for $ 1.99.

Light source is not sufficient for acne therapy
The FTC agency has now prohibited both sellers of the acne apps from advertising with the promise that the program would have healing benefits. The opposing party argued that some scientific studies had indicated that special light treatments successfully treated acne (see study results in the British Journal of Dermatology). In order to carry out such a light therapy, however, much stronger light sources than those built into the Ipdone or other smartphones are required, the regulatory authority replied.

The chairman of the FTC authority Jon Leibowitz made it clear: “Smartphones can make everyday life easier in different ways. Acne cannot be cured through the use of applications ”. But you are in contact with the providers of the dubious programs. It had signaled that an out-of-court settlement by means of a fine and termination of the advertising promise is also possible. In the main, the goal was finally achieved to make it clear to users and providers of such cell phone programs that apps have no medical benefit. They also wanted to send a signal so that others would not come up with the idea of ​​pulling money out of their pockets with unsuspecting people with useless programs and false promises. (sb)

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