Corn salad helps against winter depression

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Corn salad with positive effects on health and the mind

Corn salad, as a valerian crop, can not only have a calming effect, but also has a preventive effect against the widespread so-called autumn and winter depressions. This is reported by the Marktkontor Obst und Gemüse Baden in a current campaign to market winter vegetables.

A fresh green lamb's lettuce can prevent the so-called autumn and winter blues in the wet and cold, dark, uncomfortable season and at the same time make a significant contribution to balanced nutrition, according to the experts in a current press release. The valerian plant, which is rich in vitamins, has a calming effect "and is particularly popular in salads in the winter months," emphasized Alfred Pfister from the Fruit and Vegetable Market Store in Baden. Many people in Germany long for hearty food and hot drinks in view of the cold, uncomfortable weather, but in terms of health, it is recommended to use the fresh green salad.

Lamb's lettuce as a home remedy for winter depression With its vitamins and high iron content, lamb's lettuce not only contributes to a balanced diet, but can also help to dispel the bad winter mood, emphasized the spokesman for the fruit and vegetable office. Because of its positive effect, lamb's lettuce is extremely popular with consumers, although the valerian crop is "due to its ingredients a typical winter salad", explained Alfred Pfister. Most of the lamb's lettuce is sold in the winter months, while marketing in the summer months goes to zero, emphasized Pfister. Around a third of the 300 tons that are marketed annually in North and South Baden go over the counter in the winter months, although the lamb's lettuce can be bought all year round. In the sense of a balanced diet, the consumption of fresh greens in winter is particularly recommended and in view of the fact that other domestic vegetables are becoming scarce in the cold season in this country, the field salad is of particular importance in this regard, according to the experts. The fact that lamb's lettuce also acts as a home remedy for winter depression is an extremely pleasing side effect for consumers. (fp)

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