Facebook and Twitter have great addiction potential

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Facebook and Twitter are more addictive than cigarettes

According to a US study, the addictive potential of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is greater than that of cigarettes and alcohol. The 205 study participants who had to document their wishes every day longed most for sleep and sex during the day. However, it was hardest for the test subjects to resist their desire to log into social networks.

Great need for information - both for entertainment and for business. 205 adults participated in the study by the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. They carried the devices, which recorded a total of 7,827 behavioral reports about their daily wishes and needs. The evaluation showed that the desire for sex and sleep were the strongest. The test subjects showed the greatest problems in resisting the urge for media and work. "Modern life provides a multitude of desires, which are often characterized by conflicts and resistance, the latter with varying degrees of success," said Professor Wilhelm Hofmann, lead author of the study.

The craving for alcohol and nicotine was comparatively low, although their addiction potential is classified as high. One result of the study surprised the researchers very much: sleep and leisure were the most problematic needs that the test subjects had during the day. This clearly indicates the pronounced tension "between natural tendencies to rest and relaxation and the amount of work and other obligations", explains Hofmann. The study "Desires and Cravings: Food, Money, Status, Sex" was published in the journal "Psychological Science-Magazin".

Pure willpower is not enough to overcome an addiction Hofmann also confirms that pure willpower is not enough to resist an addiction. Even if it was possible to resist the temptations of everyday life for a short time, the danger would be greater to give in later.

In a Salzburg clinic, addicts are successfully treated with naturopathic treatments, which include classic acupuncture, liver wraps to detoxify the body, breathing exercises for anxiety and panic attacks, and various teas to combat inner restlessness and sleep disorders. Project manager Stefan Brunnhuber explains that the patients of the Salzburg Psychartrie II would benefit from the naturopathic treatment. In addition, the cost of medication - with an improvement in care - was reduced by almost 50 percent, reports the psychiatrist. (ag)

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