Babies should change their head positions

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Babies should change their head positions more often

Babies should lie on their backs when sleeping to reduce the risk of sudden infant death. It is important to change the head position to avoid deformation of the back of the head.

Many babies have a preferred head position While babies are sleeping, parents should make sure that they change their head positions regularly. The professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) informs about this in a current report. If an infant regularly takes up the same head position while sleeping on its back, this could result in deformation of the back of the head, the association reports. It would be easier for some babies to turn their heads to one side. Then parents should create an incentive for the child to turn his head to the other side. In addition to the parents' voices, toys or a music box could also help.

Professor Dr. Hans-Jürgen Nentwich, board member of the BVKJ explains: “Head deformations in babies are usually caused by the cramped position in the mother's stomach or at birth or later by a one-sided sleeping position. Only if a deformation does not improve or does not appear to worsen in the course of the first half of the year despite changing head positions, further examinations are required. "

About 13 percent of babies have one-sided head deformation
The BVKJ points out that American pediatricians are estimated to assume that about 13 percent of babies have a one-sided head deformation or a flattened back of the head. Infants at the age of four months are particularly affected. During this time, the deformations are usually the most pronounced, but they recede again. "If the baby is awake and can already lift its head independently, it should also lie on its stomach briefly under the supervision of the parents," explains Nentwich, adding that the prone position prevents deformation of the back of the head and trains the baby's shoulder and neck muscles.

Supine reduces risk of sudden infant death Although the causes of sudden infant death are not fully understood, parents are advised to put their children on their backs when sleeping. Professor Gerhard Jorch from Magdeburg University Hospital has been one of the leading scientists in the research area “sudden child death” for years. He adds that the supine position in combination with a pacifier is the best preventive measure for the baby. Although the number of sudden child deaths decreases significantly, about 250 babies still die from it in Germany every year. The greatest risk is around the child's 100th day of life. Only about five percent of deaths occur after the first year of life. (ag)

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