Conventional medicine and naturopathy go hand in hand

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Case conference wants to discuss with doctors, nurses and relatives in a practical way

According to the head of the chair for naturopathy at the University Medical Center Rostock, Prof. Dr. Karin Kraft, conventional medicine and complementary medicine methods are well compatible. In the course of a case conference on integrative medicine planned for September, the naturopath expert and doctor wants to show how conventional therapies can be combined with naturopathic treatments.

The future belongs to integrative medicine
Conventional medicine and naturopathy have long ceased to be a contradiction, but ideally they should be practiced jointly. "Naturopathy, which is an important part of complementary medicine, has received increasing attention not only among the population in recent years," says Rostock doctor and professor Karin Kraft. For ten years she has been the chair of naturopathy at Rostock University Medical Center. Karin Kraft is a specialist in internal medicine and has been a specialist in naturopathy for many years. For the 60-year-old, one thing is certain: “The combination of conventional medicine and complementary medicine treatment such as B. with natural medicine in the sense of integrative medicine, the future belongs ”. “Integrative medicine” is currently the formula that seems to reconcile school and complementary medicine internationally. "I have the impression that more and more medical colleagues in Germany also take naturopathy as a matter of course
has its roots in German-speaking countries, are open to each other ".

Professor Kraft would now like to publicly demonstrate that conventional medicine and complementary medicine methods are well compatible. On September 1, in Rostock, she leads a case conference on integrative medicine in palliative medicine, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., to which interested citizens can visit the large lecture hall of the Center for Internal Medicine, Ernst-Heydemannstr. 6, are invited. “Specifically, there are two cancer patients in whom conventional medicine and complementary medicine can be used in combination to treat their complaints. "We will discuss the different therapeutic approaches and work out possible interfaces or differences in order to enable the best possible treatment," Karin Kraft looks ahead.

Reaching patients suffering from chronic pain and constant infections With regard to this event, she says: “Naturopathic treatments are largely applied physiology, i.e. normal bodily functions are stimulated or normalized with natural remedies such as exercise, healthy eating, relaxation procedures, cold water and many other methods. "Although surveys have shown over the past few years that over 80 percent of the population are open to naturopathic treatments, naturopathic treatments in Germany have had So far, the former president of the German Medical Association, Professor Jörg-Dietrich Hoppe, has had a platform within the medical profession between representatives of conventional medicine and complementary forms of therapy with the foundation of the "Dialogue Pluralism" more than ten years ago launched a mutual dialogue, which also included the event on September 1. "We want to use integrative medicine for patients to make symptoms such as chronic pain or constant infections even better he can be treated, ”says Karin Kraft. It wants to continue to contribute to ensuring that health policy is convinced of the value of integrative medicine.

Naturopathy more and more recognized
She is pleased that the Rostock University Medical Center takes the current trend into account by promoting the development and application of complementary medicine in everyday clinical practice. “Naturopathy,” says Professor Kraft, “was often smiled at by colleagues. The current results of research work, on which a textbook that she published together with a colleague is based, show that the doubts about the effectiveness of many methods are outdated. The teaching of natural medicine is also an integral part of studying medicine in Rostock. "The medical students are very open-minded," summarizes Prof. Kraft. In addition, a university outpatient clinic for naturopathic treatments is operated at the hospital. "The need for naturopathic therapy has increased, and the results of naturopathic research can be implemented well in clinical practice," she says, arguing for "the effective combination of naturopathic and conventional methods". In addition to recommending naturopathic medicines and procedures, your outpatient clinic is always about helping people to help themselves. "The patients have to be actively involved in the healing process," says Professor Kraft. (pm)

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