Lung disease in home residents

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Flu viruses cause lung disease in home residents in the Hameln-Pyrmont district

(Hameln). The cause of the puzzling lung diseases in a nursing home in the Hameln-Pyrmont district has been clarified. The complaints of more than 20 residents were caused by an infection with influenza A flu viruses, reports the "NDR", referring to the statement of the spokeswoman for the health department in Hameln.

Last weekend, numerous residents of the retirement home in Coppenbrügge were hospitalized with high fever, cough and lung problems in surrounding hospitals. In the meantime, one patient was even in mortal danger. How the complaints of the 23 affected people were triggered initially remained unclear. The health authorities in the district of Hameln-Pyrmont searched feverishly for the cause of the serious lung disease of the patients. The first results of the investigations were presented on Monday. According to this, influenza A flu viruses are the cause of the disease.

Nursing home remains blocked for the time being. Although the cause of the complaints of the residents of the home has now been identified, it remains unclear how the infection could spread in the old people's home. The nursing home remains initially closed to visitors and the responsible authorities have ordered extensive hygiene measures to prevent further infections. There are currently 20 residents of the old people's home in the hospital, two of whom are being treated in the intensive care unit. Most are now feeling better, however, reports the "NDR". Although the health risk should not be underestimated in the case of flu infections, the identification of the pathogens has certainly calmed down a bit among those affected and those responsible for the nursing home. Especially since at the weekend there had been speculation about the cause of the complaints and the large-scale deployment of the emergency services was worried about the worst. (fp)

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