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New allegations against the management of the SLK clinics are loud: After the doctor scandal became known, it should now also be investigated for accounting fraud. The public prosecutor's office is investigating.

The Heilbron SLK clinics remain in the headlines. After a doctor from Holland, who was said to have worked in the hospital between 2011 and 2012, was discovered, but without knowledge of the hospital management about its poor reputation in the Netherlands, the hospital management is exposed to new accusations. The public prosecutor is investigating and the "Patient Protection Foundation" has filed a criminal complaint.

According to media reports, the public prosecutor's office is said to be the current managing director of the clinics, Dr. Thomas Jendges, accuse "band-related billing fraud", as the Ärzteblatt reports in its current edition. The current chief physician and neurologist committed the fraud during his position as managing director of the DRK clinics in Berlin between December 2006 and July 2008, according to investigative authorities. The public prosecutor's office accuses the SLK managing director of having been involved in around 20 accounting fraud cases. However, the court did not admit any charges.

Jendges had already informed the Supervisory Board in 2010 about the investigation. However, this had apparently not passed on the information. The current managing directors and management of the DRK clinics cannot detect any criminal misconduct by the then managing director during employment in Berlin.

Criminal complaint from the Patient Protection Foundation: Chief physician fee without chief physician treatment estimated
The "Patient Protection Foundation" claims that it has filed a complaint based on the suspicion of "accounting fraud". The foundation accuses the doctor as a participant of having billed several patients for a chief doctor's treatment, even though the therapy by the Dutch neurologist Dr. Ernst J. S. was carried out. In the SLK clinic, however, he was only employed as an honorary doctor. The foundation relies on "contract documents of a patient". The person concerned is privately insured and was entitled to medical treatment. However, the privately insured was treated by the Dutch doctor. According to the documents, "the honorary doctor of a chief doctor's treatment was shown on the invoice," says the foundation.

In one case, the accusation was granted by the managing director of the SLK clinic. In addition, it became known that a second doctor worked on a fee basis in the neurological department. He had worked there for a few months in 2012. The police then put it on the premises of the clinic. The man had been "intoxicated" on the premises. When investigations were carried out, it became clear that the accused had no license to practice medicine. (sb)

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