Exercise lowers the heart risk of fat children

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Exercise program after a short time with a positive effect on the health of obese children

Obese children benefit from exercise programs after a short time. The "kilos tumble" and "other risk factors for cardiovascular diseases" are significantly reduced, according to the current press release by the German Society for Cardiology (DKG), referring to a study from Leipzig and Bad Frankenhausen.

The results of the current study were presented at the 79th annual conference of the German Society of Cardiology in Mannheim, in which “57 overweight adolescents took part in a four to six week program consisting of daily training sessions (including running, swimming and sports games) , dietary measures and education existed, ”reports the DKG. The exercise program showed an extremely positive effect after this short duration, according to the study authors.

Overweight children with special health risks Overweight is generally associated with an increased risk of diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system (e.g. hardening of the arteries, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure) later in life. In addition, overweight often has negative effects on bones and joints. Many overweight people suffer from knee pain. Hip pain is also associated with being overweight. Obese children are particularly at risk here in many ways.

Body weight and heart risk factors significantly reduced The study that has just been published has therefore examined whether regular exercise can counteract the negative effects of being overweight on children's health in the short term. They let the 57 overweight children "with an average age of 12.6 years and an average body mass index (BMI) of 29.5" take part in a maximum of six-week exercise training and then checked the effect on weight and cardiovascular risk factors the adolescent. "The training program reduced inflammatory processes and the release of obesity-associated adipocytokines and could contribute to the regeneration of early vascular damage in childhood obesity," the DKG quotes the conclusion of the study authors.

Numerous positive effects of exercise training According to the German Society for Cardiology, the average weight of children dropped from 75.9 to 71.2 kg after the exercise program. In addition, “other cardiac risk factors such as insulin resistance (sugar peak in the oral glucose tolerance test dropped from an average of 765 to an average of 622) or cholesterol levels (LDL from an average of 2.3 to an average of 1.8; total cholesterol decreased from an average of 4 to an average of 3.4) ) “Showed a clearly positive development. The regular movement also leads to a lowering of the highly sensitive C-reactive protein, which serves as a marker for the cardiovascular risk. The values ​​dropped on average by 1.3 milligrams per liter (from 2.5 mg / l to 1.2 mg / L). Furthermore, the values ​​of various adipocytokines have decreased significantly, according to the DKG.

How can overweight children be reached with exercise programs? The current study from Leipzig and Bad Frankenhausen underlines once again how important regular exercise, a balanced diet and education are for the later health of overweight children. But this was already known from previous studies. The question rather seems to be the best way to reach the overweight children. The current study is suitable here as an argument for the preparation and financing of short-term therapeutic offers that span a period of only four to six weeks. (fp)

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