New therapy for fibromyalgia sufferers

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New findings increase chances of effective treatment for fibromyalgia

Agonizing years of pain and frustration often pass before diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Because although those affected - including mostly women - can usually localize their pain points in muscles, tendons, joints, arms or legs exactly, the disease has so far not been proven by medical examinations or laboratory values. Many therefore dismissed it as an imagination. A team of researchers has now found an organic explanation for the chronic pain that is often associated with leaden body weight, sleep disorders and depression. After that, the cause is damage to the small nerve fibers. For fibromyalgia patients, this new finding means a ray of hope similar to the long-known positive effects of alternative therapies such as radon and heat.

"The result of the examination finally gives doctors a measurable criterion for an objective diagnosis," comments Univ.-Doz. Dr. Bertram Hölzl, radon expert and medical director of the Gasteiner Heilstollen. "In addition, hopefully those affected will now be spared the often common odyssey from doctor to doctor in the past, as well as the grueling feeling of not being taken seriously." Last but not least, this opens up new starting points for the research of sensible therapies. Because up to now, fibromyalgia has been considered incurable and medication can only improve to a limited extent in the short term. A significant pain relief over many months, however, causes so-called radon heat therapy. After a two-week course, many patients no longer need tablets and feel noticeably fitter. Studies also show that the natural healing factors of radon heat therapy have a positive effect on medication requirements and the feeling of exhaustion in fibromyalgia. "Less medication is a double benefit, especially against the background of strong side effects," emphasizes Dr. Hölzl.

Therefore, more and more sufferers regularly take radon heat therapy 1-2 times a year and let the effective combination of radon, heat and high humidity act on their body. Radon has been shown to influence the activity of pain messengers and the production of endorphins - both of which are relevant factors for the pain process. High temperatures and humidity increase these positive effects even more because the body core temperature rises under these conditions. "Most fibromyalgia patients rate the results of radon heat therapy as good," says Dr. Hölzl from the accompanying scientific studies. Around 14,000 patients with a wide variety of diseases - including rheumatism, osteoporosis, asthma and neurodermatitis - now trust the therapeutically effective climate every year. Health insurance companies usually cover 90 percent of the therapy costs. (pm)

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