Swollen grains in the porridge make babies' stomach ache

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Swollen grains in the porridge can cause abdominal pain in babies and toddlers

Parents strive to ensure healthy nutrition for their children from an early age. If the grain is freshly ground in the porridge, babies and toddlers often suffer from abdominal pain. Instead, the pediatrician Wolfram Hartmann advises milk-cereal porridge made from flakes, semolina or instant cereals.

No raw and unprocessed grain is enough
"Babies and toddlers should not eat raw and unprocessed cereals," emphasizes Hartmann, the pediatrician in the "Healthy living" network. The digestive process in young children is not yet fully developed. Too few enzymes cannot digest the raw grain properly. The children suffer from bloating, abdominal pain and constipation because the grain gets into the intestine almost undigested.

Some parents prefer to soak raw grain in water beforehand. "This is not a good alternative," said the doctor. “It does improve the compatibility of the grain. Soaked cereals, however, form easily pathogenic germs that can cause diarrhea and vomiting in children ”.

Milk and cereal porridge from flakes
Parents should rather prepare their small milk-cereal porridge from flakes, semolina or instant cereals. After mixing in milk, the baby porridge is boiled for a few minutes. The "Healthy Living" initiative is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food. (sb)

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