Measles at risk for people born in or after 1970

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Child dies of late complications from measles infection

Measles disease can be sneaky and trigger brain inflammation years later. Vaccination offers protection against this. However, many people in Germany who are younger than 43 years of age lack the necessary immunization.

Especially younger people without adequate protection
All people here who were born after 1970 are advised to check their measles protection. In contrast to the elderly, many people in this population group cannot provide adequate protection against the virus, says Martin Lang, chairman of the Bavarian Association of Pediatricians. Two vaccinations are necessary for this. If these are not entered in the vaccination card and there is no other information about them, the best thing to do as a precaution is to refresh the vaccinations. The highly contagious infectious disease mainly affects children, but it also affects adults. In addition to the typical red skin spots, there is a fever and a weakened general condition. In some cases, life-threatening complications such as pneumonia and brain infections can occur.

Women also protect their offspring with a vaccination
With a vaccination, adult women also protect their offspring at the same time if the protection is created before pregnancy. Babies can only be vaccinated from the age of ten, explains the Augsburg pediatrician Lang. "Normally, however, children in the first year of life have nest protection." The protection of small children from immunized mothers is passed on through growing up in the womb and through breast milk.

Many lack the second necessary vaccination
The German employee health insurance (DAK) had carried out an evaluation of their insured persons with regard to measles and found a certain vaccination fatigue. A total of 9227 adult DAK insureds had vaccinations in 2008 and only 706 in 2009. Lang issues a warning for younger adults if he addresses the issue: “But 50 percent of 19 to 39 year olds are not adequately vaccinated today. "From this age group, 20 to 30 percent would have none and the rest only one of the two necessary vaccinations.

14-year-old from NRW died of the late effects of measles
The case of a 14-year-old boy from North Rhine-Westphalia who died of the late effects of measles shows how dramatic the consequences can be. At the age of five, he was infected with it in a pediatrician's waiting room. In relation to the very young, Lang explains: "Babies, unlike adults, have only a slight rash and a low temperature." Years later, however, chronic brain inflammation can occur. "It inevitably leads to death."

Natural vaccination protection has disappeared
By means of national measles waves, the population in Germany had built up natural vaccination protection before 1970. However, due to increasing vaccination numbers, this natural immunization had disappeared and now the vaccine gaps that have existed are becoming a problem. Lang recommends that women who want to conceive should seek protection early on. "I can't vaccinate during pregnancy. There are no tests to determine whether the baby can tolerate the vaccination in the body. "Men are also advised to take a look at their vaccination book, because" if they are not vaccinated, they will help the measles virus to spread further. " (sb)

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