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Consumer advice advises caution against data rip-off via health insurance e-mail

Many consumers are currently receiving spam emails that are currently promoting a private health insurance company. Thuringia Consumer Center in Erfurt warns. In the emails, addressees are advised to switch to private health insurance with particularly low rates. However, the senders obviously only want to get the recipient's data.

The content of the e-mails is always similar: "The current health insurance tariff is outdated and too expensive, and switching to a private basic tariff between 59 and 99 euros per month makes sense". And without changing anything. For the addressees, links have been stored in the emails that lead to a website that advertises with the slogan: "Save up to 2500 euros a year".

First of all, however, the recipients should first enter information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, status and marital status in a data mask. "Anyone who clicks the compare button afterwards delivers their data, but cannot be sure that they will receive a serious contract offer," warns Ralf Reichertz, Head of Legal Affairs at the Consumer Advice Center.

A really serious offer from a private health insurance company, which itself only offers the standard services, cannot exist for 59 euros. Obviously, the sender of the emails is primarily concerned with collecting data and then marketing it. Emails should therefore be deleted immediately. (fr)

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