Misleading petition “Fundamental Right to Health”

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Alternative practitioners and naturopathic foundations clarify: Misleading petition "Fundamental right to health"

Previously unknown initiators are currently calling for the petition "Fundamental Right to Health" to be signed with reference to EU Regulation 1924/2006 / CE. The impression is incorrectly given that all naturopathic medicines are under acute threat.

The petition gives the impression that there is an imminent ban on naturopathic medicines. But this is not the case. Several specialist societies and institutions, including the Carstens Foundation, the Hufeland Society and the Association of Alternative Practitioners (BDH) are now correcting this.

The EU regulation 1924/2006 / CE concerns only food and no pharmaceuticals. Homeopathics, phytotherapeutics, preparations of anthroposophic medicine, etc. are therefore not affected by this regulation because in Germany they are regarded as medicinal products and not as food. The regulation also entered into force in 2006. HERE you will find the text of the EU regulation. (pm)

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