Teenage relationships: psycho-violence instead of love

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Relationships among teenagers - There is psycho-pressure instead of romance

According to a study, over 60 percent of young people have had stressful experiences in their first love relationship. The negative experiences also include physical or sexual violence. In the age group between 14 and 17 years, around 66 percent of the girls and around 60 percent of the boys surveyed experienced psychological or physical violence at least once. A project by Fulda University of Applied Sciences came to these frightening results.

The study from Hesse was carried out for the first time in Germany. A total of 509 boys and girls from ten schools were interviewed. It is alarming that one in four girls (26 percent) has already experienced sexual violence in a relationship. Almost 13 percent of the boys said so. If you look at the information on physical violence, you can see that every tenth respondent reported it. Gender did not play a decisive role in this.

Already verbal aggression has negative effects. It is striking that especially those who have already experienced violence in the past in their home environment are increasingly affected. The fact that violence is so common in teenage relationships was not expected. "If you want to prevent the further chronification of violence, young people have to learn how to treat each other with respect when dating or in relationships," advises project manager and educator Beate Blättner from Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

Negative effects can arise from simple control by the partner. Verbal aggression, coercion and threats are even more negative. This can go so far that the state of health, psychological mood and eating and drinking behavior are impaired. In the worst cases there were even suicidal thoughts, Blättner said in an interview with the broadcaster “Deutschlandradio”.

For the State of Hesse, a study from Great Britain published in 2009 on the subject of basic funding was available for the study. There, 80 percent of the girls and 51 percent of the boys reported emotional violence. (fr)

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