Tea shower "Papa Türk" against doner flag

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Sensational invention "Papa Türk": shower against kebab flag

Doner kebab is probably the most popular fast food in Germany. Bremen students have now invented a remedy for the bad breath that arises after consuming kebab: the tea brew "Papa Türk".

Intrusive bad breath after doner consumption According to a statistics portal, the doner kebab is the most popular fast food in Germany, even before burgers or pizza. But the more intense the taste, the more intrusive the bad breath later. Even chewing gum, brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth or even smoking can't drive the doner flag.

Student doner friends But now Bremen students seem to have found an adequate remedy for it. The two kebab lovers, Roman Will and Jan Plewinski, together with their fellow student Tobias Balke, a student of beverage technology, developed the tea brew "Papa Türk", the "drink to the kebab", as it says on their website. Oriental teas are the model for the mint taste of the drink.

Neutralize the garlic flag The ingredient that is supposed to bring the neutralizing effect of bad breath is chlorophyll. The young entrepreneurs write on their website: “Our drink uses the natural power of chlorophyll (leaf green) and has a neutralizing effect against food odors in about 30-60 minutes. During the digestion of food containing onions and garlic, the chlorophyll molecules neutralize any odorous substances. In the stomach, mouth and metabolism, the chlorophyll internally prevents the ‘garlic flag’ typical of the doner kebab. ”The food is not changed in taste by the vegetable matter.

Natural chlorophyll Chlorophyll is also said to have many health-promoting properties, for example that it serves to remedy iron and magnesium deficiency. Chlorophyll is also considered a natural aid for blood purification and to support the detoxification of carcinogenic substances.

Prepare kebab yourself If you don't want to use the new drink that neutralizes bad breath, you can also prepare your kebab at home and determine the amount of onions or garlic yourself. (ad)

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