If you lose your appetite, go to the doctor quickly

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Loss of appetite can be an indication of depression

If there is a lack of appetite in addition to a depressed mood, this can be a warning sign of the body and herald the start of depression. In addition, sleep disorders, weight gain, tension, pain sensations all over the body can be another indication of psychological depression, in the course of which depression then develops.

However, the causes cannot always be clearly determined. Anette Wahl-Wachendorf, Vice President of the Association of Company and Company Doctors, may lose appetite as a first sign of depression. But it is advisable to wait and see whether the reduced feeling of hunger does not go away after two days. Only when employees are not really hungry for four to five days should they see a doctor as soon as possible. Depression does not always have to be behind depression. Prolonged "ongoing conflicts in the workplace can also hit the stomach and reduce the pleasure of eating for those affected," said the Vice President.

Chronic stress as a trigger Depression can increasingly be attributed to chronic stress at work or in private life, which is reacted to with indifference, withdrawal from everyday life and reduced eating intake. Depression is increasingly observed around the age of 30. Around 17 percent of people experience severe depression caused by stress at some point in their lives, according to a study by American scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle, which was published in the British journal Nature. If stress is the cause, employees should make greater efforts to stop answering company calls or e-mails outside of working hours and to coordinate this with their line manager. After all, more than one in ten employees take work home with them. Those affected are finding it increasingly difficult to draw clear boundaries between work and private life. (fr)

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