Lavender oil for anxiety disorders

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Achieve anxiety disorders with lavender oil

Lavender oil capsules help against anxiety disorders better than a modern antidepressant. Researchers report this in the January edition of the specialist journal "International Journal for Neuropsychopharmacology". According to this, the psychological problems of the test persons were significantly reduced by the lavender oil. The antidepressant also had a positive effect, but the improvement in anxiety disorders was somewhat less.

Lavender oil works better as an antidepressant for anxiety disorders 539 subjects took part in the large-scale German-Austrian study. They had to take either 160 or 80 milligrams of lavender oil or 20 milligrams of the antidepressant paroxetine a day. There was also a control group that received a placebo agent daily. All study participants had at least one mild anxiety disorder measured at the HAMA scale at the start of the study. The scale indicates the severity of symptoms such as anxiety, depressed mood, sleep disorders, tension, restlessness, difficulty breathing and palpitations. In the subjects, a value of 18 or higher was measured on the HAMA scale. HAMA values ​​from 17 to 24 are considered a mild to moderate form of anxiety disorder, higher values ​​accordingly indicate more severe forms.

After therapy with the various agents, the complaints of the study participants reduced as follows: Subjects who took 160 milligrams of lavender oil gave a value on the HAMA scale that was 14.1 points lower and that of 80 milligrams was 12.8 points lower . The antidepressant was down by 11.3 points and the placebo mean by 9.5 points. Accordingly, the high-dose lavender oil capsules worked best. But a smaller amount of the oil also leads to a clear improvement in the anxiety disorder. The antidepressant was comparatively less effective.

The positive effect of lavender oil is also confirmed by another analysis. In 60.3 percent of the study participants, the higher dosage reduced symptoms by more than 50 percent, with the lower dosage it was 51.9 percent and with the antidepressant 43.2 percent.

Lavender oil is an effective means of naturopathy Lavender oil has been used in naturopathy for thousands of years. So the ancient Romans took advantage of the calming effects of lavender. To this day, the scent of lavender is an important part of many care products and perfumes. As a medicine, lavender is mainly used to treat restlessness in the event of anxiety. According to Portuguese researchers, lavender oil also works against skin and nail fungus. (ag)

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