Family doctor secretly films patients

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Doctor scandal: Osnabrück family doctor secretly films patients

A doctor from Osnabrück is said to have secretly filmed patients with a camera during the examination. Hundreds of video recordings were found by police officers during another investigation on the suspect's computer, which is now being investigated for breach of privacy. The police know the victims by name and are currently being asked about the crime.

Similar case in November 2012 Last November, a gynecologist who secretly took thousands of pictures of his patients was also sentenced to three and a half years in prison by the district court in Frankenthal, Palatinate. At the time, the judges came to the conclusion that the gynecologist from Schifferstadt had injured the "highly personal life" of his patients in over 1,400 cases. In addition, the medical doctor was guilty of sexual abuse in three cases, taking advantage of a counseling and care relationship. With the judgment at the time, the court remained only slightly under the demand of the public prosecutor to issue a four-year prison sentence in addition to a professional ban. The gynecologist's defense lawyers had given two years' suspended probation because the doctor was adamant and had caused no pain to the patients by redistributing the images. (fr)

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