Stains on the teeth from too much fluoride

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An excess of fluoride can cause white spots on children's teeth

For adults, choosing a suitable toothpaste is above all a sufficient fluoride content. But in children, an excessive amount of fluoride can cause chalky white spots on the teeth, reports the ProDente initiative. In order to prevent the occurrence of this so-called dental fluorosis and still achieve the beneficial effects of fluoride, special children's toothpastes with a significantly reduced fluoride content are recommended.

"Correct dosing of fluoride is particularly important for children," reports ProDente. Because "too little fluoride does not provide adequate protection against caries" and "too much fluoride can build up in the permanent teeth before they break through and cause chalky white spots - a first sign of dental fluorosis, a fluoride overdose," says the joint initiative of Federal Chamber of Dentists, the Free Association of German Dentists, the Association of German Dental Technicians' Guilds, the Association of the German Dental Industry and the Federal Association of Dental Trade. The experts therefore recommend "brushing once a day from the first milk tooth with a touch of fluoride-containing children's toothpaste (contains a maximum of 500 ppm fluoride)."

Only from the age of six adult toothpaste Especially if fluoride tablets are administered simultaneously in the first few years of life, the use of toothpaste with too high a fluoride content can impair the development of the tooth enamel, according to ProDente. The teeth show clearly visible stains when fluoride is overdosed. In addition, the resilience of the tooth enamel suffers from pronounced forms of dental fluorosis. In the first year of life, therefore, it is only advisable to brush your teeth once a day with a special children's toothpaste. “From the age of two, dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoridated children's toothpaste,” ProDente continues. After reaching the age of six, a switch to adult toothpaste with an average of 1,000 to 1,500 ppm fluoride is recommended. The use of fluoridated table salt in the household is also recommended. (fp)

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